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Unclog your sink without chemicals and save
By The Middle Aged Repair Dude
Jun 8, 2013 - 11:28:02 PM

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I had a sink clog issue.  The drain in the bathroom sink would drain slowly.  Of course, each time it got really slow, I poured some drain cleaner down it and it would usually clear up.  Then over the past six months, I noticed the drain cleaner just would not work effectively.

Over the months, I tried all types of drain cleaner from drain cleaners that foamed to plain drain cleaner.  I probably spent $15 to $20 on drain cleaner.  I even tried vinegar and baking soda.  The foaming action was pretty cool.

Other costs to my attempts at cleaning the drain were my time which is priceless, the endless frustration and last but not least the fumes from the drain cleaner which I do not think are helpful to your well being.

For some reason, I had this mental model that to clear the drain you had to use drain cleaner!  The plunger failed as well.

Finally, I decided why not try a drain snake.  The tube like spring like snaking rope that you push down the drain.  So, I went to Menards and bought an 8ft drain snake for $5.  There was another for $7 that was I think 16 ft but I am cheap and I also thought there was no way I would need the 16 ft snake.

So I went home, pulled out the snake and attached the sliding handle.  It toook me a few moments to figure this simple tool out.  I out the snake down the drain.  I hit the first major U curve and uh oh!!! I am stuck.  I tried to twist it and nothing.  I almost gave up.

I decided that this had to work so I pushed the handle closer to the entrance of the drain by loosening the handle screw and sliding it down the snake.  I then twisted it clockwise until I heard it snap.  Then did it again as I pushed the snake in the drain.  Suddenly, the snake went further in.  I hit the next tough corner and did the same.  Next thing I know it I am about 4 feet into the pipe and I turn the water on and notice the water seems to be flowing better then ever.

I pulled the snake out, rotating it on occasion to make it easier to remove.  There was surprising little gunk at the tip.

Wow, I was proud of myself. 

Before attempting this I made sure there was no drain cleaner in the drain.  I also should have work gloves and protective personal equipment like eye protection.

From now on I am going to go to the drain snake first.  The old fashioned way right! 

By the way, I also tried those short drain cleaner plastic flexible sticks.  They are only about 18 inches long so it did not work for me.  Also, I tried the drain snake on the bath tub drain.  It did not work yet because the bathtub drain is a little more difficult to manage as it is shaped differently.

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