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Techno Last Updated: Apr 10, 2016 - 1:15:29 PM

Back up those family photos and more
By M.G.P. Internet Maven
Jul 22, 2009 - 10:25:36 PM

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A couple weeks ago, we lost power in our house.  When the power came back, my computer hard drive was damaged.  I replaced the hard drive on my own, but I lost everything on the hard drive. 

Lucky for me I backed up all my photos on an external hard drive.  I could have lost years of memories of the kids, or our vacations, of so much.  Now I plan on buying a flash camcorder so I will be even saving more memories on my hard drive.

I really can't keep buying all these external hard drives but at the same time I don't want to risk losing all my memories in an instant.  When my hard drive crashed, it was just taht, in an instant.

Well, I found a solution to my challenge.  Online storage!  I remember this was available years ago, but it seemed to have disappeared when the internet bubble burst.  Well, I recently found another site Mozy.com which offers unlimited storage for around $5 per month.  I signed up for the trial and will most likely sign up for the unlimited plan.  2 GB free is really not enough for me. 

I will be able to back up all my photos now.  So get 2GB Totally Free Online Backup! Compliments of Mozy.  I figure that at less than $60 per year, this may be cheaper than having multiple hard drives on my computer desk.

Hope this is helpful.


Update - I purchased two hard drives that were slightly bigger that the one that got corrupted.  After searching the web I found explanations of how to rebuild my hard drive and connect the extra hard drive as a slave drive.  I am amazed how much knowledge people share.

I learned how to fix the computer myself. Also I avoided the pitfall of buying a hard drive that even though was the same type was too big in terms of gigabytes and my computer would not be able to handle it properly.

I lost my email but still have my photos which were stored on an external drive.  I did get something out of all of this.  I learned how to fix my computer, I rebuilt the hard drive so now all that garbage that wwas on my old drive is gone and so my PC starts up in a flash and I bought a good surge protector.

I bought this one from Amazon after searching and searching even at the store.  Belkin 12-Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector with Phone/Ethernet/Coaxial Protection and Extended Cord

Protect your memories.  If lost my photos I would have been very sad. Back up online, on another hard drive, whatever it takes.  The sad thing about electronic photos is that like I experienced they could be lost in a second and these days we just don't bother to print as much.

Oh yeah, I also found out what it would cost to recover my data if I wanted to.  It was around $1025.  I would be careful of the cheap companies that charge around $150 or so.  Doing some research seems like they low ball and then say it will cost more.  Learned a lot about this too and what the noise my broken hard drive meant....what the heck is that clicking noise.  Not good.

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