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Gift ideas for middle-aged women - be creative
By Shopping Advisor
Dec 2, 2008 - 1:06:57 AM

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What do you buy for a woman that does not want or need anything?  First of all let me tell you that all women need something whether it is a vacation, a new kitchen appliance, a date, a good book, a nice dinner, a pet, a man...you get my point.  What really matters though is the thought behind the gift.

So, be creative.

One question you have to ask yourself is why do you think that your friend does not want or need anything?  Is it because they said so or because you have no clue?  Whatever your answer remember it is the thought that counts.

Think about what could make the person's life a little better, funner, or whatever "er".  Some questions to ask:

What are you interested in that you could share with her?

What shows does she watch?  Does this give you any ideas? 

What kind of food or restaurant would be fun for her?

What about a concert or sports tickets! Exclusive Event Tickets! Get Great Tickets on StubHub.com!

What did she do when she was younger?

Just brainstorm a little...get creative!!!

One of the best new stores we know of is Lou, Babs and Moogs.  This site has a great selection of gifts for women and they are even available on the phone for gift selection help.  We use code ozone to save online as well.  It worked for us a couple days agol

We also put together our own astore (Amazon) of gifts if you like shopping through AmazonMiddle Aged Women Gift Ideas!

Gift certificates are not always the most original but atleast you don't get them what they don't want.  If your woman friend is a close friend, I would try to stay away from gift certificates or cards, or if you get one supplement it with a smaller gift with more thought.  Some gift certificate sites we have used are:

Amazon Gift Certificates or " "www.GiftCertificates.com""

How about an experience?  Why not give her a massage yourself or at a spa.    Or how about plan a day in a big city like Chicago, Boston, New York or wherever you live...or even a small town.   Start with a breakfast at a nice cafe then spend the morning site seeing like a tourist. Then have a relaxing lunch at a deli and then off to a spa? 

And end the day with a nice casual dinner like sushi and see a movie, a show or perhaps just rent an old favorite.

Be creative.  It is the thought that counts and she will notice.

© Copyright by MiddleAgedWoman.com

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