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Be a great gift giver - Valentines Day
By Lou, Babs and Moogs
Jan 22, 2009 - 9:53:30 PM

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Valentines Day - when it is truly the thought that counts!

On Valentines Day, we want to remember all our significant someones at home, at work or school and in our social circle. Playing Cupid, so soon after the holiday season, can be tough on your budget. But like other gift giving occasions, you should set a limit and make your list, starting with your significant other, kids and close family members followed by your nearest and dearest friend(s) and those who consistently or recently have gone out of their way to save the day or make your life a bit easier.

Diamonds and rubies, sapphires and emeralds -  all good. But, you might find that they do not fit into your budget this year for everyone on your list. (Not to mention, that someone, like my 11 year old son, would NOT want that. Would yours?) From trinkets to treasures, think out of the (shiny, lacy heart shaped) box! Valentine‚Äôs gifts that will not wilt or tip the scale will be welcomed and appreciated by most anyone long after the 14th has past.

Expressions of love and appreciation come in many shapes and sizes, so do not just settle for the proverbial (and commercial) chocolates or obscenely overpriced roses. Besides, your recipient would probably prefer to wear your gift on her ears, neck or wrist than on her hips or thighs (with the exception of exquisite lingerie)!

You can adorn your package with a beautiful card or tag that will finish your presentation with the perfect Valentines touch.

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