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I love the Kindle
By Happy Husband
Jun 22, 2010 - 5:50:57 PM

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I received the Kindle from my wife on Mother's Day.  I am an avid reader and I love holding a book in my hand and writing in them as I read.  I did not really want a Kindle.  Now that I have one, I love it. 

I love the Kindle for a number of reasons

1.  I can take notes in my Kindle and I believe it will allow me to print them out.  No more writing in the book or a piece of paper to be soom forgotten.

2.  It keeps my page so I do not lose my place.

3.  It is lightweight and easy to hold.

4.  I turn the pages using buttons on the side.  I really do not get these touch screens in which you have to flick your finger to turn the page.  If I wanted to flcik my finger I would not need an electronic gadget.  I do wish I could touch the screen to select things but this is more out of habit now than the joystick being inconvenient.

5.  It will even to read to me.  I also can load MP3 music to listen to while I am reading or just relaxing.

6.  Extra bonuses...I could surf the web for free.  It is not superfast and it is in black and white, but still neat.  It is an experimental feature.

Another great point is Amazon just lowered the price to $189!  I was upset at first but they sent us a refund for the difference we just paid and the new lower price.

Oh yeah, Amazon also has free books you can download which I did.  I am reading a great book right now which I may never have found had it not been available on the Kindle for free.

Is the Kindle as cool as the new gadgets out there?  Depends on what you mean by cool.  I love the Kindle.  It really is changing my reading experience, something I did not expect.

I am a happy customer and recommend the Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6" Display, Global Wireless, Latest Generation) (affiliate link to the Amazon.com Kindle for your convenience.) 

Things I want to try on the Kindle is uploading my own PDFs, printing my notes and subscribing to a magazine or newspaper. 

I think Amazon may just may get into the tablet PC business.  Imagine a Kindle with email and texting capability.  Not that I really need that.  One reason I like reading is to escape from it all.  Anyways I can imagine what Amazon.com could do this.

I love it. 

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