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Organic food - Are they worth it?
By Food staff writer
Apr 22, 2010 - 9:18:13 PM

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Organic food is a growing market.  Over the years I have begun to buy some organic food.  I have to admit I am also very price conscious so paying even a few cents more for something makes me take a closer look.  I cannot say whether organic is really healthier, better for the environment or anyhting else.  I can tell you my own real experience.

Here are the foods that I have come to really love and am willing to pay more for.  This is mainly based on taste.

Organic Apple Juice - The first time I drank organic apple juice, I did not like it too much.  It was missing something.  Not sure what, but part of it was the sugar I think.  When I drank it cold, it was much more bearable.  Now, I love the stuff and so do our kids.

Organic Apples - this is not related at all to the organic apple juice commentary.  We buy organic apples and they are smaller.  However, they just taste great.  I like regular apples too, but I have to say if there is a choice I go for the smaller organic ones.

Organic Bananas - some articles say that if you are going to skimp on the organic fruit, skip the organic bananas.  I think the reasoning is the skin is so thick the pesticides do not get into the fruit as easily and you do not eat the skin.  All I can say is organic bananas taste much better.  I love their texture.

Stonyfield Yoghurt -  I am cheap.  When I buy yoghurt I usually look for the cheapest kind.  Ten for $5 catches my eye fast.  Stonyfield is not cheap.  I realized though that when I eat their vanilla yoghurt (with dry oatmeal) it is delicious.  Also, some of the cheaper yoghurt has high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) which seems to be getting a lot of negative press.  I am not a nutrition expert so I will not comment on if HFCS is bad or not.  I am now willing to pay the $4 for the 32 oz container.

Free Range or organic eggs - Next time you go to the grocery store, lift a carton of free range or organic or Omega 3 eggs and then lift the regular eggs.  There is a huge difference.  Yes they cost more, but I cannot help but notice the difference in weight.  This is very odd to me.  Makes me wonder what the chicken that are laying these eggs really look like.

Well, that is all for now.  Again, these views are purely based on taste and appearance.  You know what ... I am not so much as cheap than I am a vlaue buyer.  I value taste, volume/weight, and a good experience.  I do not buy organic everything else, but I am open to trying more organic products.

I really need to see or experience the difference.  I hope this helps.


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