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Love : Lingerie Last Updated: Mar 31, 2012 - 10:20:55 PM

Lingerie for middle aged women
By Fashion Writer - Cindy Relolitto
Mar 19, 2009 - 8:00:58 PM

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Shopping for lingerie can be fun especially if it is for someone special.  Whether you are shopping for yourself or that special someone, some of us feel uncomfortable shopping in the stores.  We either end up buying nothing or buying something that is really not what we wanted.

I highly recommend shopping online.  Mainly because you get a much bigger selection and can buy the lingerie you really want, not that would be okay for someone seeing you buy.

  Your wardrobe can include the simple teddy to the more adventurous bustiers or fishnet stockings with garters or other creative lingerie.  Why not shop online with your partner and see what he likes and then buy it while he is not looking and surprise him.

Variety is the spice of a lot of things.  Start with something simple and then go from there. Or just go for that dominatrix look you always wanted to try.  You know your partner, so he may also need to be gradually coaxed into your new look.  Middle aged women sometimes think this is for younger women, but it is time to take your experience up a level and combine it with some sensual and sexy lingerie. Why not?  We spend so much time looking good during the day because we think that is important...our intimate moments are just as important.

Wherever you shop, remember why you are buying the lingerie.  As something as intimate as lingerie, you need to get what you want.  Only you and someone special will see you wearing it or not so keep that in mind.

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